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Sparx Enterprise Architect Sales & Support

2md, LLC, has worked with the Sparx Systems toolset since the late 1990s.  We are a pioneer in the application of Architecture Based Analysis (ABA)™, a proven methodology that combines architecture with business analysis.  ABA allows you to incrementally manage a holistic view of your organization while efficiently supporting project teams with high quality requirement information.  ABA is aligned with the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge as well as architectural frameworks like TOGAF, DODAF, and reference architectures such as ACORD (insurance) or BEA (U.S. Department of Defense).


We offer mentoring and training solutions tailored to specific needs of your organization.  We sell and support the full Sparx product line from individual licenses to large scale ProCloud and Prolaborate installations.  


Why organizations select us:

  • Our training is experiential - we use your actual projects for training, providing immediate value

  • We provide a methodology - a set of methods that delivers sustainable change while simultaneously developing sustainable architecture (2 outcomes for your investment)

  • We combine training with mentoring, supporting your team when they need it most

  • Our solutions are adapted to address the unique challenges of your organization.  Once we learn what you need to achieve, we organize our training modules so that practitioners learn just what they need to know to address your business challenges.

2md has experience with nearly every industry, as well as large US federal, civilian and defense departments.  We also actively work with state and local governments and have deep experience supporting international supply chains.  Our latest endeavor is to support efforts around climate change, using ABA to uncover and track carbon efficiency improvements.  


For more information, contact us. 

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