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Our Solutions:

2md, LLC, has over 30 years experience delivering effective change!



This is a result of the implementation of a methodology known as Architecture-Based Analysis [ABA], which is a proven combination of both business analysis and enterprise architecture that provides a foundation for true business agility.

Business agility, which means the ability to quickly adapt to changes and fluctuations in a business's environment, has become especially critical in the area of compliance.  To help our clients achieve the optimal balance between regulatory compliance and operational effectiveness, we offer Dynamic Compliance Management [DCM].  DCM works for any type of mandate; and is essential when mandates overlap or are constantly changing.

Both Architecture-Based Analysis and Dynamic Compliance Management can be implemented regardless of the tools used by your organization.  However, we have found that Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is ideal and affordable for most organizations.  For this reason, 2md, LLC is a value-added partner for Sparx Systems.

We teach, mentor and support, but the methodology can only be sustained if it becomes an integral part of your organization.  For this reason, all of our solutions are focused around transferring our knowledge to you.

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