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Essential Architecture Platform Partnership

Take a moment to imagine you own a car that has suddenly stopped working properly. It's the middle of your work week and all you want is for the vehicle to start again so you can continue with your normal routine. So, you decide to take the car in to get fixed. All of a sudden, the mechanic begins explaining the issue and what needs to be done in order to fix it; he uses large, complex words that have little impact on your understanding of the situation. Confused and weary after a long-winded analysis, you agree to pay for whatever needs to be fixed without truly knowing where the money is going. 

Now consider how circumstances would be different if you had someone who would handle the comprehension and break-down of your problem for you. Think about how much time would be saved if the details of this incident could be left in the hands of a professional—this is where Essential would come in.

In regards to business matters, Essential is very different from most platforms.  Its unique approach is to use the architecture platform as a tool to answer operational questions that are relevant to you.  Questions like:

  • How well are we delivering our 5-year corporate objectives?

  • What are we doing to comply with the latest security / privacy mandates?

  • Do we have the right infrastructure (people, processes, technologies) to achieve the desired outcome?

  • How can we better optimize IT investments to take advantage of market opportunities?

To accurately address questions like these requires specific information.  Essential provides quick ways to elicit the needed information while building out the layers of the architecture (business, application, technical, informational).  The result:  You're able to provide leadership with much needed answers as well as gain a clear understanding of your entire organization - a core principle of Architecture-Based Analysis.

Essential promotes the role of the architect from populating the views of the enterprise (low value, low return) to overseeing the intellectual capital of the enterprise (high value, high return).  This addresses a major problem facing the architecture community today - not enough resources to keep your architecture perspectives up to date.

To top it off, Essential is affordable. Enterprise Architecture Solutions (EAS) and 2md have developed a pricing model which is designed to support nearly any organization size. Options include:

  • Essential application licensing with "do it yourself" support tools

  • Platform implementation with hourly support packages for configuration, integration and training

  • Essential + ABA advisory contracts (on demand support to help your internal team succeed)

  • Architecture staffing resources (turnkey support for key initiatives; transitioning architecture functions to your organization when you wish)

We support most federal, state and local acquisition methods.  To learn more, contact us.

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