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Partnership with Essential Intelligence

Essential Intelligence and 2md, LLC, have partnered to resell and implement the Essential Enterprise Architecture Solution [EAS] for organizations throughout North America.

Essential Intelligence [EAS] is a UK based developer a unique, next generation enterprise architecture platform that Gartner considers “Visionary” in its current Magic Quadrant review. The EAS platform is notable because it provides organizations of all sizes with the ability for rapid import and analysis of its people, processes, organizations, and technologies. It provides an easy way for non-architects to view and contribute information, increasing the value of architecture to the enterprise.

EAS works out of the box to support 2md’s Architecture Based Analysis [ABA] methodology. ABA uses architectural visualizations as a tool to understand organizational challenges, support effective decision making, and deliver robust requirements for business change projects. EAS also provides support for Dynamic Compliance Management [DCM]. DCM breaks down legal mandates into reusable requirements information, tracing each requirement to all relevant people, processes, technologies, and data affected by the mandate. DCM is considered mission critical for any large organization seeking to thrive in a highly regulated environment.

Doug Jackson, 2md’s Senior Director, sees the EAS partnership as addressing a common barrier that prevents the adoption of architecture – funding for enterprise architecture initiatives. “Many architects/CIOs we work with have trouble justifying a sustained investment in architecture because the software cost is high. This is because the investment is seen to be a technology (rather than a business) investment. Properly implemented, the EAS toolset provides a rapid return for organizations, helping them make wise business decisions which optimize the capabilities of their enterprise.”


For more information, contact us. 

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