Experience PorTfolio

Often organizations are seeking experience in providing a specific solution (i.e. mobile platform integration, divestiture of a business unit, or acquisition of a mission critical capability) or experience in a particular industry (retail, investment derivatives, energy).  Although we have a wide variety of experience, this should not be the reason you select us to partner with you.

To be effective, your organization needs a professional team members who are not subject matter experts in a specific business function or anticipated solution. Subject Matter Experts often make dangerous assumptions that can hurt rather than help deliver effective outcomes.

Our team has experience using architecture based analysis methods to quickly learn all aspects of the proposed business change.  This includes industry rules, applicable laws, organizational operating model and (yes) the jargon of your agency or industry.  Requirements are good only if they are verified and validated.  By taking a learning (versus telling) approach solid verification and validation practices are applied effectively.

This said, our experience includes the following industries:

  • Architecture / Engineering / Planning
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services (Banking, Investments, Credit Services)
  • Telecommunications
  • Global Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare Delivery
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Federal Government – Civilian Agencies
  • Defense

A sampling of where we have applied our approach successfully include:

  • Internal competency development for (tailored to industry, organizational operating model and culture)
  • Divestiture of business units
  • Merger / Acquisition integration at the strategic and operational levels
  • Vertical supply chain and design chain integration / optimization
  • Development and Implementation of Solution Development Life Cycles [SDLC] and Business Improvement Life Cycles [BILC]
  • Business transformation initiatives
  • Business system integration
  • Federal mandate compliance (inter-agency, intra-agency, public/private)
  • Shared service development, deployment, and optimization
  • Global business initiatives (new markets, product launch)
  • Delivery of Lean / Six Sigma analysis results
  • Process improvement (most business functions)
  • Large scale strategic initiative execution support
  • Projects / Programs considered “High Risk” or added to the Management Watch List (US Government)


Architecture & Business Analysis [ABA] Solutions